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Does participation equate to having a say in the way art is evaluated? We primarily utilized qualitative research methods, in the form of semi-structured interviews with slow fashion entrepreneurs.

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This refined conceptual framework counters the criticism that civil society suffers from its growing popularity and In this study we focus on the role of independent fashion designers that operate at the local scale, where they have the opportunity to implement and control sustainable, smaller scale production processes.

Fox and Wilkes fourth edition. Art dealers seem to have actively promoted particular kinds of paintings, and their role as mediators and agents in taste increased for instance by ranking, praising, and eshcc master thesis paintings. This not only serves as an edutainment tool but also can foster further interest in the practice of museum going that, in turn can serve as a justification for further funding of museums by the State.

The Challenge of greening global product chains: These established experts have a tendency to emphasize the intrinsic value of a work of art, and its autonomous character. The astute Frenchman and art marketer Gersaint is a good case in point where one could hardly distinguish art knowledge from his marketing efforts, in the guise of his sophisticated and influential auction catalogues.

While undoubtedly the Internet has a low barrier of entry for participation, high cultural institutions have conventionally had high barriers of entry that entails expertise, insider networks and capital.

One interviewee, in particular, revealed a strong and personal interest for the environment. Why do independent fashion designers go green? In doing so, they not only substantially contributed to the formation of the art canon, but also highlighted the role of new media of that time in the processes of taste formation.

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A good example, shared by Srinivasan and Huangis how indigenous artist communities play an instrumental part in the documenting and preserving of their histories and cultures online.

Moreover, in the digital age, consumers themselves are becoming increasingly involved in art evaluations and in doing so, are at the very least challenging if not eroding the role of the traditional gatekeepers. The rise of the new middlemen in the age of auctioneering, the sales expert with possibly little 23 artistic background enters the fray, expanding the elite world of experts in the art world.

As the following entrepreneur described it: Why the many are smarter than the few and how collective wisdom shapes business, economies, societies and nations.

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Consequently, these specialized art dealers were in a position to influence the consumer behavior of collectors. The idea of the Net as a levelling playing field in the art world connotes that somehow a larger and more diverse audience will enhance our understandings of the value of a piece of art.

This section will explore current conceptualizations of slow fashion, in order to set the stage for the empirical case study in part two.

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Entrepreneurship in the Fashion Industry: With the support of Napoleon III, a counter-exhibition was organized in which is now regarded as a turning point in French art history. Journal of Performance and Art, vol 24 no. Furthermore, much of this debate has centred on popular culture as we see the rise of YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Blogger, WordPress and the like which allows for the sharing of opinions, tastes, and amateur products.

Crowd wisdom is seen as the new guide to constructing and evaluating knowledge. Dynamics between the creative industries, knowledge institutions and the urban context.

PhD-candidate “Cultural Literacy in Everyday Urban Life” (f/m, 0 Fte)

Status derived from training, experience and institutional 25 linkages instills trust in the potential consumers of art. Her work has been published in several international peer-reviewed scholarly journals including The British Journal of Educational Technology, The Information Society, International Journal of Cultural Studies and the like.

Success is loving what you do, that is what it is. The study contributes to our understanding of the entrepreneurial practices of emerging designers, in particular in the slow fashion industry.

Other forms of certification are largely missing in the art world, and the mediatized and most visible expert is not necessarily the most knowledgeable one.

Payal Arora To cite: Unpublished dissertation, University of Antwerp. The data on designers in Geneva and Rotterdam have been collected between May and Junewhile the data on designers in Toronto between November and March The end of fashion: The wisdom of crowds: A bandwagon effect may occur whereby masses of amateurs join in the praising of a particular artist or art form, often based on reasons that are unclear and which have little in common with the discourse and logic adhered to by the experts in their quality evaluations.Table: Exceptions standard registration procedure exams; Erasmus Medical Centre (EMC) Other regulations apply for Erasmus MC examinations.

Click here to be redirected to the Erasmus MC website where the relevant arrangements applicable to bachelor students are explained. Click here for a web page with the same information for master students. Olivier Nyirubugara joined the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication in April as lecturer of New Media/Online Journalism.

He completed his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in January with a dissertation titled Surfing the Past: Digital Learner in the History Class (Leiden:ISBN: ).

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Main Programme Email: [email protected] If you have any institution-specific enquiries regarding the mobility periods, accommodation and international. For her master's thesis ‘Laughter is healthy’ she did research on the functioning of the Entertainment-Education Strategy in a comedy series.

Since she completed her studies, she is working at the CMH and using her knowledge in the development and implementation of various CMH media projects such as UP2U, Tips for Scripts and Sound Effects.

Eshcc master thesis
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